“My son discovered CBBA about 6 years ago when he was
investigating Martial Arts Schools.  We signed him up and soon after our other
son joined him and now I too am training with the Bennetts; it was almost
inevitable! The atmosphere at their school is so positive; it is always a
pleasure to be there.  They make the learning fun and challenging for all ages
and abilities.  The programs they teach  are varied, from traditional Songahm
Taekwondo Forms, Sparring and Weapons to Fitness Classes, Kick Boxing and even
Brazilian Jui Jitsu and Krav Maga.  Even though Mr. and Mrs. Bennett are already
proficient in so many Martial Arts areas, they are always training and looking
for ways to improve their school and their students, all of whom they embrace as
part of their lives.  It is this commitment to constant improvement, demanding
the most of themselves and their students, and their focus of the importance of
family and community that keep me enthusiastic about training at


“My two older kids have been going to Tae Kwon Do
classes at the Cloverdale Black Belt Academy for 2 years, and my youngest just
started as well. He’s so excited to be finally getting in on the action with
his big brother and sister. I wasn’t too sure about Martial Arts when they
first started. I was worried my son would be too aggressive in school, but to
my surprise the opposite happened. He really developed self-control and respect
for himself and others. And I’m glad my daughter now has a strong sense of
self-confidence and knows self-defense.
I’ve seen the improvements in my kids’ behavior and attitude. I love that
they’re not just getting exercise and learning a skill, but the teachers
emphasize values and a good attitude in school and at home. The older students
are so involved with teaching the younger students and are fantastic role
models even when we meet them outside school. I always recommend this
particular martial arts school to my friends with kids because it is so family-oriented.
They use such super positive encouragement to motivate the students so the
students always feel good about themselves. And as an added bonus, we have all
these cool photos of our kids to rival the Bruce Lee poster my husband has!
Can’t wait till they get to black belt!

This is the place to be if you want to boost your kid’s confidence and achieve higher goals and not just kids they work with adults too. Very safe and comfortable environment!

-Nicky C.

Cloverdale Black Belt Academy is a very positive atmosphere, the owners, instructors and students are great to work with. I always come out of class feeling uplifted and confident.

-Rita R.

Want to get fit? Learn self-defence?
Increased confidence, coordination, and performance in every aspect of your
life? Come and see the Bennett’s at CBBA! Our family of four now holds 11
degrees of black belt thanks to CBBA. Their teaching methods are unsurpassed in
the region for both the young and not so young. I can highly recommend CBBA!

-Dave S.

Thanks to the Bennett’s, our family made the journey to Black Belt together. There are not many sports where you can compete and train as a family. C.B.B.A. is not only about Taekwondo it is about helping
you be the best person you can be. THANK YOU BENNETT FAMILY

-Jenny G.

Cloverdale Black Belt Academy is an excellent family run business, which contributes positively towards the community. The Bennett’s have developed and continue to promote a well-rounded approach to self-improvement, physical fitness, leadership development and of course self-defence. My two children continue to be with the school having both achieved 1st degree black belt level. What is far more impressive than just the belt level is their level or maturity, self-confidence and determination they
have developed as a result of positive teaching environment to which they have been exposed.

-Herm M.

Cloverdale Black Belt Academy is a wonderful place for your children. My daughter joined about 6 years ago and now is preparing for her third degree black belt. She has grown so confident and
become such a wonderful young lady thanks to the leadership training and positive reinforcement that her instructors Karen and David Bennett have given her. And another wonderful benefit is that my daughter has great friends that have grown with her too!

-Bryn P.

Cloverdale Black Belt Academy is AWESOME!
Our family has been involved for over 8 years and 5 out of 6 in the family have enjoyed training and working with the Bennett family. The training is top notch and so family-friendly. My eldest son has just kept going and going and it has made an incredible difference in his life in many ways. Highly recommend this business! A++

- Charlene B.

I want to recognizea small business in Cloverdale that has had an incredible affect on me, my family and many, many others in the community. In 2001, my oldest son’s friend joined a Taekwondo school that had just opened up in Cloverdale; he invited my son to join him. Our son thoroughly enjoyed his time at the school. He was gaining not only self defence skills but confidence, respect, and camaraderie.
Our youngest son joined soon after and when we saw the positive effect and fun they were having my husband joined and finally I in 2005. The Cloverdale Black Belt Academy is a business, but what makes it truly different is that it is operated by a family who sincerely care about the families who attend their
programs and who encourage today’s youth to be better. Karen and David Bennett have made such a difference in so many lives with their contribution to many families in need by volunteering their time at the local schools and recreation centres teaching self defence and fitness. They work tirelessly to ensure all of their students feel respected and confident in their abilities no matter their limitations. My personal story is one that is probably common. I worked a stressful job, long hours, little time for my family and friends. I didn’t have time for exercise and my health and wellness came secondary. I Realized I may
in trouble as I was very overweight and heart issues were in my family. I mentioned my concerns to Karen Bennett and she took time out of her already busy life to help me. We started going for a walk 5 days a week in 2009. That was -60 pounds ago! Karen has since begun a program at the school called
Warrior X-Fit. It is 45 minutes of the day, 3 times a week, which one can get an excellent workout. It’s for all ages and sizes and it works, I can attest to that! Besides finding a better life balance I am in the best shape in over 25 years! If you are looking for a place that where you can benefit with improved fitness, performance at work, school, and home and will teach your children excellent life skills this is the Taekwondo School for you. The Cloverdale Black Belt Academy (CBBA), under the ownership and direction of Mr. David Bennett and Mrs. Karen Bennett is a truly family oriented cornerstone of our
small community.

Sincerely, Gail Smith 3rd Degree Black Belt