Like many families, the Bennetts involvement began with their oldest son Michael who joined at the age of 5. Trenton, age 3 soon followed and then Mr. Bennett and finally, very reluctantly, Mrs. Bennett joined.  They have become an incredible example of just how far a family can go in taekwondo.
Not every family starts their own taekwondo school… but almost every family benefits from this family involvement.Their sons are now Certified Instructors at Cloverdale Black Belt Academy, and the Bennetts invite you to come and see what taekwondo has to offer your family!
Mrs. Karen Bennett,
5th degree black belt
Mr. David Bennett,
5th degree black belt
Mr. Michael Bennett,
4th degree black belt
Mr. Trenton Bennett,
4th degree black belt


Ms. Janine Miller 3rd Degree Black Belt Certified Instructor 2013World Champion Sparring
















Ms. Rachael Brew
3rd degree black belt                     Specialty Certified Instructor     Program Manager

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