Warrior X-Fit

Let us help you reach your fitness goals!  “Live in the BEST SHAPE of your Life!!!“From a beginner to fitness training to the budding Cage Fighter…


Warrior X-Fit is an exciting new martial arts based fitness program.  It is the most effective means to transform your body, fitness level and frame of mind.

Taking Fitness to a whole New Dimension!

Highly Effective Cross-Training

Benefits Any Sport, Conditioning or Weight-Loss Program!

No Weights or Machines Required!

Program Designed for All Ages & Fitness Levels!

Warrior X-Fit is a unique conditioning program comprised of a series of dynamic exercises which combine to create a `workout of the day`.  Each day of the month is assigned a specific workout and consists of six exercises.  These workouts were designed and constructed to recruit muscle fibres from the entire body, elicit a specific neuromuscular response and be used by all types of users, from the professional athletes to the busy business executives to stay at home parents.

The design of the program and combination of exercises has led to the most comprehensive, effective internet based fitness program ever created, thus earning the moniker…

`The Greatest Workout in the World`

Warrior – “Lies within every person, waiting to be set free“

X – “A cross blend of multiple martial arts and fitness fundamentals“

Fit – “Living in the best shape of your life“

Come join us in Warrior X-Fit and start on a journey of fitness, conditioning and weight loss!!!