Karate Kids

Just like our Tiny Tigers program, we emphasize success for our Karate Kids. As the Karate Kid accomplishes new goals, his/her confidence increases. Because each child is judged individually, according to his/her own abilities, they progress at their own pace. They are given tangible rewards to help them realize and to reinforce their successes. At each new rank, they earn a new belt and they have the opportunity to earn Victory Stars for their Victory Patch.

Blue star – classroom performance, monthly themes (worksheets)
Red star – participation at a tournament, demonstration, or other
school sponsored events
Silver star – outstanding at a testing
Gold star – special performance award

There are four different Victory Patches that are awarded to display all of the stars that the Karate Kid earns.

* Blue 0-24 stars
* Silver 25-49 stars
* Gold 50-99 stars
* Blue/Gold 100+ stars

The requirements for achieving a new belt are different for each colour. The Karate Kid is expected to display the quality of technique associated with his current belt, and all prior belts. Each child will be pre-tested in class throughout the cycle and will earn a total of 3 stripes (form, one-step or sparring segments, self-defence and/or board breaking) for their belt to document their progress.

White – Positive Mental Attitude – Great attitude, enthusiastic, loud Kihap (yell)
Orange – Memory – Memorization of form, one-steps and self-defense
Yellow – Focus – Looking at the target areas (eyes up)
Camo – Proper Execution or Technique – Stances, chamber and re-chamber of techniques
Green – Balance – Stability in form, and drills
Purple – Speed – Speed of hand and foot techniques
Blue – Power – Power in form and in required foot and hand techniques
Brown – Rhythm – Making the form fluid, smooth
Red – Automatic Reflex – Reaction time, ie: in sparring
Black – All of the Qualities of Technique

Karate Kids, Student Oath


Each day I will live
By honouring my parents and teachers.
Practicing to the best of my abilities
And having courtesy and respect
For everyone I meet.