Tiny Tigers

Our Tiny Tigers program was developed specifically for children ages 4-6 years old. The focus of the program is to reinforce essential character qualities such as courtesy, respect and discipline, improve the children’s motor skills and enhance their ability to pay attention and follow directions. It is our goal to help each Tiger experience success. Victory stars are incentives that they can earn and proudly display on their uniforms.

Blue – classroom performance, monthly themes (worksheets)

Red – participation at a tournament, demo, or other CBBA event

Silver – special recognition at a testing or CBBA event

Gold – black belt behaviour at school

To help the Tigers achieve success, we have broken the curriculum down into smaller learning segments. For learning half of their curriculum, they are awarded a belt – for the second half, they are awarded a striped belt with an animal patch. Please note that these patches may be transferred to each of their new belts. For example, a camo belt may display a lion, cheetah and tiger patch!  Tiger orange belt Cheetah yellow belt Lion camo belt Eagle green belt Phoenix purple belt Dragon blue belt Each testing cycle, the Tigers will be focusing on a quality such as honesty, courtesy, respect, focus and perseverance. We will be reinforcing these themes throughout their classes through stories and discussion.

For the Tigers, the emphasis is on achieving the mental goals (themes) and the physical goals (techniques). To graduate from white belt to orange belt, the Tiger must display Black Belt Attitude while doing their techniques to the best of their ability.

To advance from orange to Tiger, they must display Black Belt Attitude, improve on their techniques and have the Tiger’s Oath memorized. To achieve Yellow Belt, the Tiger must now add to his/her skill base and demonstrate that they have memorized the names of the techniques (ie: front kick, punch, side kick, etc).

Tiny Tigers’ Student Oath

I promise to be a good person
I promise to have knowledge in the mind
I promise to have honesty in the heart
I promise to have strength in the body
and I promise to make good friends.


Following are the criteria (in brief) of the qualities necessary for graduation to a belt or patch. The Tiger may follow an instructor during class, testing and even tournaments and will only be expected to display the qualities, up to his/her belt level.

White: Positive Mental Attitude – Black Belt Attitude – enthusiasm, responding loudly

Orange:  Memory – memorization of Tiger Oath

Tiger - memorization of techniques

Yellow: Focus – looking up (instead of at the floor)

Cheetah – turning and looking at target before executing technique

Camo: Proper Execution of Technique – starting to chamber correctly before executing technique and re-chambering afterwards

Lion – techniques are improving

Green: Balance – able to remain stable after kicking or punching

Eagle – follow form, kick targets etc. while showing good balance

Purple: Speed - increasing speed of techniques

Phoenix – speed in techniques while still doing them properly

Blue: Power - adding board breaking power to techniques

Dragon – achieves balance, proper execution, etc. with speed & power

The dragon belt is the final belt earned in the Tiny Tigers curriculum. After completing the requirements at this level and a successful testing, the Tiger will graduate into the Karate Kids program and earn the rank of Brown Belt Recommended (solid brown).